Pit Bikes

Pit Bikes on our Track

No tickets for speeding here at Anglia Karting

Pit Bikes

Open track time for owner drivers to bring their Pit Bikes down and have some fun on our Track.

Race and do valuable set up work on your Pit Bike at Anglia Karting

Race and do valuable set up work on your Pit Bike at Anglia Karting

                                                    Pit Bike Dates 2021

Friday 19th November – 11am – 4pm
Friday 17th December – 11am – 4pm

School Holidays/half term – Track will be split into two separate circuits – small track will mainly be available.  When/if the bigger track becomes available you will be able to use it only if we call you across. 

Bike Days


Friday 21st January – 11am – 4pm

*Friday 18th February – 11am – 4pm – half term*

Friday 18th March – 11am – 4pm

**Friday 15th April – 11am – 4pm – half term – 400 metre track only**

Friday 20th May – 11am – 4pm

Friday 17th June – 11am – 4pm

Friday 15th July – 11am – 4pm

*Friday 19th August – 11am – 4pm – half term*

Friday 16th September – 11am – 4pm

Friday 21st October – 11am – 4pm

Friday 18th November – 11am – 4pm

Friday 16th December – 11am – 4pm

£20 per bike

£5 each extra rider

*half term – kids on school holidays – so track will be split up in to 2 separate tracks – small track mainly available – when if/space – bigger track of the 2 can be used –  when/if we call you across*

Pit Bike Prices

£20.00 per bike including 1 rider

£5 each for additional riders

No refunds are given.

As these are your own bikes – you should have your own gear!